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    Generate wealth

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About us

What is GrupoPaisano?

GrupoPaisano is a holding company formed by 3 enterprises and a Non-profit Organization focused on generating impact into the economic, social, environmental, and human development areas in Mexico.-an integral development scope-. GrupoPaisano with the support of national and international investors interested in its financial growth as well as being part of an innovative model, creates Impact Investment Projects that go hand in hand with the factors that contribute to create wealth, social welfare, environmental preservation, and enhancement of human talents. Among the investors we include private as well as other national and international Investment Funds, whose interest is to create areas of sustainability in populations of high marginalization and poverty, in order to avoid the youth from migrating through the establishment of profitable sources of employment and the development of their community.

Based on a Solidary Economy –economic development of investors and producers-, GrupoPaisano generates and invests in sustainable social and productive projects guiding farming communities of Mexico to achieve a change in personal and communitarian paradigms. The investment is guaranteed by offering not only the economic support to the micro and small scale producers by means of investments, but also the human training that includes professional assistance for each stage, and the transformation of their products so as to commercialize them in different markets at national and international level hence the producers have shares in the company.

With the model of GrupoPaisano, each of the entities of the Group attends to a specific area:

Inverpaisa attracts investors and administrates the Impact Investment Fund.

ImpulsoPaisano incubates the Impact Investment Projects.

ProductosPaisano commercializes the products.

CorazónPaisano ensures the development of the producer communities. The purpose is to guarantee the sustainability of the invested time and money in the field in favor of those who invest, produce, and work in it.

GrupoPaisano is proud of generating an authentic change in Mexico´s future by driving the investment and creation of social companies in Mexican communities and regions. With competitive profits, GrupoPaisano offers simple and reliable investment projects to thousands of compatriots in order to generate wealth and everlasting jobs for the ones who are most in need.


To implement sustainable Impact Investment Projects in Mexico that allow the generation of economic wealth, going hand in hand with the human development of communities and regions.


To make GrupoPaisano´s model a mechanism of economic, human, solid, and lasting development.


  • Honesty:
  • Continuous manifestation of what it is with transparency.
  • Equality:
  • It is a right of all human beings to have the same opportunities to achieve a prosperous and dignified life.
  • Integrity:
  • Strength and coherence between thought, word, action, and habit.
  • Solidarity:
  • If my surroundings improve, I improve.
  • Innovation:
  • Creativity to generate more business, employments, and opportunities.
  • Generosity:
  • The more you share, the more you receive.
  • Sustainability:
  • To generate self-sufficient cycles in the communities.
  • Collectivity:
  • If everyone is fine, I´m fine.

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    GrupoPaisano performs a holistic and multidisciplinary job, which integrates the identification, incubation, acceleration, productive integration, and counseling for the development of sustainable Impact Investment Projects in the agro-industrial sector in Mexico. GrupoPaisano deals with all the value chain, from the supplies, process, and packaging, to the logistic, distribution, and marketing of each product.

    The sustainability of projects is guaranteed since GrupoPaisano accompanies the micro and small scale producers in each stage of the agro-industrial process. GrupoPaisano considers the strength of the human development of their communities, reinvests in them in a sustainable way, and connects with the appropriate institutions in order to increase the social welfare of the population. This strategy is not commonly observed in neither financial institutions nor the available governmental programs.

    The social companies created from the Impact Investment Fund of GrupoPaisano, -whose producers are partners-, allow a comprehensive development of the community. The economical aspect, the human development, the social welfare, and the environmental preservation are the result of teamwork.

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    GrupoPaisano is a holding company formed by 4 enterprises and a Non-profit Organization focused on generating impact into the economic, social, environmental, and human development areas in Mexico.-an integral development scope-.


    Is an Impact Fund Management Company which draws cash from investors from Mexico and abroad to develop agricultural and industrial projects. It´s first fund is Inverpaisa I which will impact communities and regions in Mexico that are in extreme poverty.


    It is a business incubator that designs Impact Investment Projects with a comprehensive development view. Once the fund is made, ImpulsoPaisano implements, plans, operates, trains, and gives technical assistance to the human capital of the communities, generating the necessary accompaniment to reduce risks and strengthen the profitability of each project.


    It is the company responsible for the commercialization and distribution of the products generated in the Impact Investment Projects of GrupoPaisano, with a strategy focused on capturing the community margins of intermediation in favor of the micro and small scale producers and investors and manage an attractive price for the buyers.


    It is a Non-profit Organization that contributes to the development of the communities in which GrupoPaisano operates. By detecting the fundamental needs of the population, CorazónPaisano offers linkages with institutions, companies, government agencies, and Civil Society Organizations.

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